December 6, 2008

Holiday Gift Guide

Well, all the other blogs are doing it, so I guess it's my turn. Here's my 2009 Holiday Gift Guide and stocking stuffer ideas (all of which are on my personal wish list)! 

I love the dramatic collar of this top. Wear it was a cardigan or blazer to work or on its own for that holiday party or happy hour. 

I finally found the watch I want by French brand LIP. This modern, stream-lined design is a reissue of a classic style from their 1975 collection.

You can't go wrong with a coffee table book like this!


Once you try this tea, you will never buy anything else ever again! And I'm not even a tea drinker.

These organic cotton pillow 
covers from West Elm are so perfect, from the soft texture, to the soothing colors. 

Remember a few
Christmas's ago when Chance was the staple gift?Well, this is Chanel's follow up fragrance, Chance Eau Fraiche Green. It's more floral and springy than its predecessor. I used to wear Chance before the airport security threw away my bottle, and have been meaning to buy a new one. But I think I like this green one even better!

Don't you hate how your bulky wallet never fits in your little clutch when you go out at night? Just transfer your ID, credit card, and cash into this magic wallet.

This cute satin clutch is sure to get lots of compliments when you're out! It comes in so many vibrant colors, I had a hard time choosing. 

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