December 20, 2008

Prada's Women's Spring Ad Campaign: Beige is the New Black

The ad campaign for Prada's 2009 Women's Spring Collection hit the internet yesterday. And the muted colors suggest that beige is the new black for the coming season!

When the collection debuted at Milan Fashion Week last September, we saw a turn from everything luxe in favor of a more simple appeal. Designer Miuccia Prada said, "I wanted to go back to something primitive. I was searching for what counts, what really matters. I wanted to clean things up and make them simple." The use of primitive fastenings such as drawstrings, ties, and elastic waists as well as crumpled cottons and silk contribute in achieving this aim. Perhaps this is Miuccia's way of mirroring the people's sentiment in light of the current economic times - getting back to the basics.

The light box the models are standing on also highlights a point of much attention at the September 23rd runway show in Milan - those infamous 6-inch snakeskin shoes! In case you missed it, two models fell, and many tumbled as they slipped and slided down the runway. Many criticized Prada's shoes from distracting from the clothes, to which Miuccia promised to make them shorter and more comfortable before hitting stores. 


SimplyGrove said...

Those are some nasty falls!!

Plush Palate said...

I know! Poor girls!

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