February 12, 2009

Plush Color Palette

I've been paying more attention to color lately, and how one plays with the other. What looks good together, what doesn't, and why. It all started when I saw this gorgeous chunky yellow necklace at a store. I loved it, wanted it, thought it was so cool. But I couldn't come up with any creative ways to incorporate the tacky color into my closet without looking like Ronald McDonald. Then I saw a Vera Wang runway show and suddenly it all made sense - a model wore a similar yellow necklace fabulously. Here's how to make it work: If you wear a loud fashion color, pair it with the muted version of the same color. You won't look tacky, you'll turn heads!!!

Tone on tone color done right:
Pictures courtesy of The Sartorialist and Designer Chris Benz (last four)

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