April 19, 2009

Everybody Loves Samantha Thavasa

It looks like the popular Japanese handbag brand, Samantha Thavasa, is slowing gaining steam here in the US! I first heard of the bags when my boyfriend brought me back a chic white tote from the brand after a trip to Tokyo last March. I had asked him to get me something "very Japanese fashion." After consulting some friends from Tokyo, he decided on something Samantha Thavasa! Excellent choice :)

They're young, colorful and flirty. Perfect for when you're feeling fun and spontaneous! They are a bit pricey - about the same price point as a Furla bag ($200-$500). But definitely a good investment!

Since the brand has been on my radar, I've been hearing more and more about it here in the US. Celebrities have already been on the Samantha Thavasa bandwagon for sometime now, and it looks the American fashion minded public is slowing catching on. In fact, the brand just opened their first US store in the Upper East Side. Can't wait to check it out next time I'm in The City!

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