April 18, 2009

In Search of Style

Hi Everyone, 

This week is my birthday week and in the spirit of a new year, I've decided to go in a new direction with the blog too :) So, in addition to fashion posts, I'll be including the other thing that inspires me most, Interior Design! After all, the two are so related and all part of what I love most - the wonderful world of aesthetics. Hope you like the changes! xoxo Crystal

Let's jump right in!

So, I just moved into a new apartment and decorating has been both exciting and challenging as I decide which direction to take it. Through the process, I've been forced to articulate to myself what my own style really is. Lately I've been pouring over and devouring design blogs and magazines like no tomorrow, but the design I keep coming back to again and again is Washington DC designer Darryl Carter's 1840 Virginia home. Elle Decor featured the home in their May 2008 issue and I can't seem to find anything I'm more drawn to or a more perfect design! 

If this is an indicator of what my style is at the moment, then I guess I'm "rustic modern!"

Take a look inside Darryl's beautiful home! I love the muted color palette, contemporary lines mixed with antique pieces and the rustic elements like weathered wood tables and benches!

*images via Elle Decor


BethanyEyre said...

Crystal, I love that you've started to do home decor as well as fashion on your blog. It's so fun to follow! In the process of decorating my house I feel very inspired!
Much Love,

Plush Palate said...

Thanks Bethany, have fun decorating your beautiful new home!

kharlan said...

There are so many hidden gems on your blog. This post (from over a year ago!) totally hit the spot today.

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