April 20, 2009

Put Up Those Walls

Lately I've been inspired by rooms wrapped ceiling to floor in loud, confident wallcoverings. I think it's because it's so out of the ordinary for me. I tend to be a very controlled person and find it difficult to be spontaneous sometimes :) Perhaps that's precisely why I'm so intrigued by these images. I think it would be fun to have one bold, crazy room in the house, just like I've always dreamed of having one all white space.  


SarahCowart said...

I have totally been thinking of doing a cool wall covering too. I also want some kind of wire/metal wall hanging, rather than a piece of painted art or something.

Plush Palate said...

You should! Maybe start out with a smaller area like a bathroom to test it out! Let's do it next time I'm in Seattle! :)

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