May 12, 2009

In{her}view with Brandon of TwentyThirtyForty

{TwentyThirtyForty upcoming May Editorial shot}

If you haven't already heard, I'm sure you will!
TwentyThirtyForty is the hot new star of e-commerce, and I was lucky enough to land an interview with co-owner and style maven, Brandon!!! This Chicago based business has set itself apart from the rest by creating more than just an online retail shop - TwentyThirtyForty is a lifestyle brand and a place where people go to experience fashion. 

Brandon is down to earth, funny, energetic and passionate. Read on for a little Q&A to find out what's inside her closet, favorite designers, where TwentyThirtyForty is headed next, and much more!

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Plush Palate: What’s your fashion philosophy?
Brandon: Wear what you love, love what you wear. And dress for yourself -- take pride in your appearance, but don't care what other people think.
PP: What’s the concept behind TwentyThirtyForty?
B: The concept is to create an online fashion lifestyle brand - an online destination to shop, get styling options, read about fashion, etc.
PP: What makes it different from other online based fashion boutiques?
B: The styling, blog, and editorial element are what separate us from other e-commerce sites; and the store element is what separates us from other blogs and fashion info sites.
{TwentyThirtyForty item shots}

PP: How’d you come up with the name?
B: The name is actually about us and our own personal styles: as we always say, "We have the energy of our 20s, the experience of our 30s, and the wisdom and confidence of our 40s." 
PP: What did you do before TwentyThirtyForty?
B: I managed a high-end men's and women's boutique in Chicago; before that I was in luxury retail sales at Louis Vuitton. In the olden days, I was an actress ;-). This site really appeals to my creative side.
PP: Best-dressed at the MET gala this year?
B: Well, first I have to say that I am SO sick of short, tight, and shiny. Enough, already! I thought the best-dressed were Ashley Olsen, Stella McCartney and Rihanna (I noticed she made a lot of people's worst-dressed lists, but I thought she looked fantastic. Confident, strong and beautiful). 

{Ashley Olsen in The Row, Stella McCartney in Stella McCartney, Rihanna in Dolce & Gabbana at the 2009 MET gala}
PP: Who is your pick for most stylish celeb?
B: Hands-down, Tilda Swinton. LOVE her. The black one-shoulder Lanvin from the 2008 Oscars is maybe my most favorite red carpet dress ever.
{Tilda Swintin in Lavin at the 2008 Oscars}

PP: Favorite fashion house?
B: It's a toss-up: completely obsessed with both Alexander McQueen and Margiela. Such insane originiality and artistic genius.
PP: Favorite up and coming designer?
B: Martha Davis, shoe designer
PP: What current trend do you love most?
B: Definitely the jumpsuit. Oh, how I love me a good onesie.
PP: Current trend you wouldn’t touch?
B: Can't really think of anything. I'm pretty adventurous. The only thing that I really won't do is any sort of trend involving casual-wear -- Uggs, Crocs, sweats, etc. It's my personal mission to banish work-out wear in public (I understand when you gotta run an errand, but if I see you sitting down somewhere in sweats, you are sooo busted!)
PP: Last article of clothing or accessory you purchased?
B:Loeffler Randall Adeline cage shoe. I've been looking for a good strappy black sandal forever. This one is just perfect.
PP: Favorite thing about your business partner, Arlene?
B: God, don't make me choose just one! Okay, I'll narrow it down to three:
* She has the sickest sense of style of anyone I have ever known. It's the kind of style you see on The Sartorialist and Garance Dore. She always looks impeccable.
 * She is incredibly supportive of me. She builds me up and makes me believe in myself (which always makes me perform at levels I had previously thought unreachable)
* Her unwavering positivity and lucid optimism

{Arlene's Inspiration Board}
PP: Where do you see TwentyThirtyForty in 5 years?
B: A thriving Chicago-based fashion business and online fashion mecca. Successful enough that Arlene can take the summers off :-) 

PP: How was TwentyThirtyForty born?
B: Arlene and I wanted fashion jobs in Chicago and we didn't want to work in retail. We had spoken often about the world of fashion, fashion in the midwest, some sort of entrepreneurial venture, and had even hinted at the idea of some sort of web-based fashion biz for months, but it was at a cafe in Paris, over a cafe au lait, that the whole thing came together. We started talking about why online stores were always so cluttered and un-branded and not stylish. And then we started thinking about the artistry of fashion and fashion as a lifestyle. And we thought: there has got to be a way to merge them. What if you had a sort-of fashion mag online  -- pretty pictures, articles, fashion news -- but you could click on the pictures and buy things. And our idea was born.

{A look inside the TwentyThirtyForty studio}

PP: When you’re not working, what can we find you doing?
B: When am I not working????!! Seriously though, I really enjoy a good book, so if I have a free sec I might be reading. Or working on my French :)
PP: Your summer uniform this year will be…
B: In the summer I live in loose sundresses. I love a dress that I can wear sitting in the backyard with my dog (maybe even doing a little gardening?) and then throw on my fave nude Loeffler platforms and meet some  friends for margaritas on the patio. Soft jersey with a slight a-line and 50's cotton sundresses are my faves.

PP: What’ next for TwentyThirtyForty?
B: We're constantly evolving. We'll be adding more editorial sections and new categories to the boutique, among other things. 
PP: Coolest part of your job?
B: I absolutely love the writing part. And the fact that I can wear whatever I want -- I like to take chances and I can always trust Arlene to tell me if it isn't working.
PP: Favorite thing available exclusively at TwentyThirtyForty?
B: Martha Davis wedges, coming in August. Soooo excited! 

PP: Best seller at TwentyThirtyForty?
B: Anything and everything Loeffler Randall.

{Celebrity images via Just Jared. All other images via TwentyThirtyForty}

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