May 18, 2009

Style 360º: Luscious Greens

Over the weekend I was in my lovely hometown of Seattle visiting friends and family. Every time I go back, I'm taken by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and especially by all the luscious greens. That's why these images spoke to me this morning as I was sifting through my photo library. 

Sometimes we shy away from prints and opt for safe solids instead, but here's a little nudge in the direction of adventurous choices. Why not buy that whimsical butterfly lamp or flower skirt just because? Let's have fun with style! 

*Lanvin Spring2009 RTW via, room via James Merrell


Molly Jean said...

this post is beautiful. as is your blog. thanks for stopping in at The Girl's Girl. I'm adding you to my blog roll today :)

Anonymous said...

You are now in my RSS reader! Great post, once again. Love green things. A fabulous color for an accent in a home and in any outfit. I might have to make a post with green in it today! Thanks for the inspiration Crystal :)

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