June 12, 2009


Some clothes are just so beautiful, you want to hang them up like art! Has this ever happened to you? You buy something because it's just so stunningly beautiful that you can't imagine passing it up? You know you will never have the right occasion to wear it, but just having it to look at, hanging in your closet makes you happy? I've done this many times! But I like to think of it as purchasing art :)

*images via Haute Design, Ms. Muse, and Sarah Kaye


Molly Jean said...

gorgeous! the way i look at it, life's too short for a beautiful gown to be hidden away in a closet!

roysie said...

So true. I keep my nice clothes on a rack like the one in your third picture.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

this is such a cute post! love the little slips hanging on the line!

btw you might enjoy a little bedroom makeover post i just put on my blog at http://www.froufroufashionista.blogspot.com/


Sarah Klassen said...

I totally agree! There have been times where I have purchased a handbag, or jewelry piece and keep it on display in my room so I can enjoy it while I'm not wearing it. I think the designers would appreciate how much we love their fashion :)

Also, thank you for the comment you left, I'm so glad I found your pretty blog!

Cones @ Creme de la Mode said...

I once made a wedding dress out of wire, velum paper and twinkle lights for a Studio Art project. Fashion should always be art!!

Deva84 said...

I adore each photo. just dazzling! but I need to admit that i am truly partial to the last one. I think it's just the love for shoes and for this kind of wardrobes,

Have a lovely weekend!

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