June 5, 2009

Wake up and smell the roses!

I always try to have fresh flowers in my apartment. I usually buy two bouquets a week and spread them between vases in my dining room, living room and bedroom. Having something alive in a room makes all the difference! These pretty vases are giving me some ideas! Now, if only I knew what kind of flowers they were (I'm terrible with botany). It's on my list of things to educate myself on over the summer. 

*Images via House Beautiful


Laura Trevey said...

These are Gorgeous!!
Have a Beautiful weekend ~~

xo Laura

BrnEyedGal said...

Im totally into flowers myself...I think they liven up any room and just make your home more welcoming and beautiful....
Thanks for visiting me, Im a follower of yours now...just love your blog!!! :)

The Haute-Shopper said...

I used to love getting flowers for the apartment, but lately I've been getting lazy. This post has inspired me to start doing it again! Beautiful images. And you have a lovely blog! :)

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