July 7, 2009

J'adore Dior! Couture Fall 2009

Yesterday John Galliano showed the Christian Dior F2009CTR collection and my oh my, was it a feast for the eye!! The piercing colors - orange, lime, yellow, fuchsia, raspberry - showcased beautifully against the muted grey walls inside the house's headquarters in the Avenue Montaigne. If anything was to be noted, it's that this collection is a product of fanciful tailoring, brilliant structure, and glorious silhouettes.

We also saw a lot of exposed 50s style undies - bras, corsets, garters, girdles, stockings - as if to throw the models out there, onto the runway, in a furry and only mid-dressed.

Of course, I loved all the black and white I saw, too! It's always elegant, it's always beautiful, it's always a classic!

And then there were the explosive gowns, overflowing with volume...lots and lots of volume! The exquisite embellishments, the mixing of textures and tones are nothing short of the work of a genius!! J'adore Dior!
*images via style.com


Ms. Jenn said...

So gorgeous. And I love the in-house presentation.

Anonymous said...

Simply a perfect collection. Absolutely perfect!


J'adore Dior aussi! And Galliano. I saw him in a restaurant in Paris once and boy was he fabulous in person!

Plush Palate said...

Yes, girls, Dior is absolutely and simply perfection :)

@from the right bank: that's so awesome! I'm jealous!!! I bet he has an amazing energy to him.

A "cheery" disposition said...

wow! they are all so stunning.

House of Slappy said...

Those bright colors are exquisite...pretty little gems. And what I wouldn't give to prantz around in one of those huge ball-gowns for a day! With martini in hand, of course.

Christopher said...

Being able to see a little bit of stocking or suspender through a sheer dress or a skirt is fine, although it could be a little more subtle than indicated here by Galliano. The skirtless ones, for example, are just going to ladder their nylons! But the lingerie slightly visible look is a great post-Madonna idea.

Stephani Bryant said...

Man, Mr Galliano has the eye. Thanks so much for posting, i linked this post up to my blog, I had to share your opinion!! Thanks!!
-Steph B

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