July 13, 2009

Style 360º: Easy Elegance

I love what Alexander Wang gifted us with this year in his 2010 Resort Collection. The effortless, downtown vibe is perfect for day yet chic enough for a (summer) night! Really, isn't that what good fashion and design are all about - the perfect marriage of style and ease? And wouldn't you say these rooms via Skona Hem are rocking that same, desirable balance? A deliberate mix of unassuming elements like wood and steel paired with chic gilded mirrors and crystal chandeliers create lustworthy spaces that don't intimidate. 

P.S. I have an exciting In{her)view coming later in the day! So, be sure to check back and visit again! You'll be totally inspired by this fearless and stylish entrepreneur!


Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Wow! What a great collage of fashion and interior design!!! Love it. x

Anonymous said...

Everything in this post is amazing! Love the colors and the affect of it all! I will definitely be favoriting this!


I love him and everything he does! You've done a great job of translating his looks into rooms here. Happy Monday!

Tabea said...

I'm in love with that kitchen!

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