September 17, 2009

6 Things That Make Me Happy + 7 Interesting Things

Recently I was tagged by two friends to answer a few things! Sarah at Haute Design has tagged me to list six things that make me happy, while Stephanie at Style Odyssey wants to know seven interesting things. I thought this would be a fun way to sign-off for the weekend, so here goes!

Six Things That Make Me Happy:

1. Travel
I am head over heals, crazy in love with travel! Meeting new people, learning new languages, experiencing new cultures, and seeing new places is what makes my heart skip a beat and when I feel closest to the essence of me! I thank my parents for fostering this appreciate in me by exposing me to new places at a very young age and always promoting the education value in traveling. 

A little anecdote I've never told anybody: The first time my parents took me to Venice I was 11 yrs old. I saved an Italian newspaper from the trip and brought it back with me. When we arrived home, I went upstairs to my bedroom, unpacked the newspaper, and spread it out on my floor. I marveled at the funny looking words I couldn't understand and so desperately wished I could read them as a way of staying close to the country I had just fallen in love with. I vowed that one day I would be able to read every single word and kept the newspaper hidden safely in my 'memory box' as a reminder of this promise to myself. Sure enough, 15 year and many trips back to Italy later, I'm fluent in Italian :)

2. Coffee
I know it sounds silly, but I thank the skies above for coffee each morning! The heavenly smell, taste, and warmth are what get me out of bed in the morning with a jump in my step. One of my favorite parts of the day is rolling out of bed, pouring myself a big cup of coffee in my Starbucks mug and writing my morning post while still in pajamas. I take it with a tablespoon of sugar and a generous splash of nonfat milk :)

3. Beauty
Beauty in all its forms makes me happy - whether in a breathtaking interior, the perfect color palette, an enviable outfit, a tear-jerking poem, a heavenly voice, or a touching act of kindness - the things that remind us that divinity can be found all around us!

4. Running
Nothing makes me feel stronger or more beautiful than my long runs outside. For me running is the ultimate form of exercise. When I am out there, I feel healthy, invincible and alive. It also allows me to have time to myself to think and be surrounded by nature (gratefully I live just 3 blocks from the Lake Michigan shore). Running is also my best beauty secret. It wakes up my skin and leaves me with the prettiest glow. 

5. Being Loved
There are those few special people in my life that 'get me' and 'get through to me.' I couldn't imagine journeying through life without them. They are my compass when I get lost, my safe harbor when I am afraid, the biggest cheerleaders of my accomplishments, and the nurturers of my self-esteem. 

6. Wining & Dining
Some of my favorite memories and happiest times have been made over a delicious meal with friends and family. It's funny how we all have those monumental meals in life that were so exquisite that we never forget the taste or where we were when we enjoyed them. For me those meals happened in Boston, Gimmelwad Switzerland, Teramo Italy, New York City, Venice, and Steamboat Colorado. Good food and wine is always worth the extra little splurge in my opinion!

Seven Interesting (or maybe not so interesting) Things About Me:

1. I have two older brothers and am the baby and only girl of the family. 
2. I was captain of the cheerleading squad and class treasurer in high school :)
3. I lived in Italy for 3 years (Perugia for 1 and Rome for 2).
4. I majored in English Literature and minored in Italian Studies at university.
5. I've had celebrity run-ins with Tom Cruise, Ethan Hawk, Bill Clinton, and Mark Wahlberg :)
6. I very much enjoy being alone and look forward to 'me' time each day.
7. I have a (closet) fascination with Kate Middleton :)

I'd love to learn more about all of you, too! If you'd like to do a post on six things that make you happy and/or seven interesting things, then consider yourself tagged by me! Have a great weekend! See you Monday. xoxo Crystal


A Perfect Peach said...

Lovely post! So fun to get to know you a bit better! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love your list!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Ashley Alissa said...

Hi Crystal! I enjoy reading your posts - especially love the one today. Like a little window into Crystal's world...

A Lifestyle Thing said...

Crystal, what a sweet and wonderful post! Really rich in experiences and images. I would love to wine and dine with you sometime!! xo, sharon

Monika said...

I love this post and mine would be very similar to yours :-) Have a nice weekend!

Farfallina said...

Haha... being fluent in Italian was one of my youth-dreams too... Well, we can proudly say: We did it! Great list!

Arianna Belle said...


Great list! My six things would be very similar (in fact, I just came back from running)!

I love your story about becoming fluent in Italian! I took Beginning Italian at my university but never continued further because other things got in the way. Your post resurfaced my desire to learn though! I've been to Venice and Rome too and it'd definitely be nice to return to knowing at least a little bit of Italian!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Arianna :)


You express yourself very well, and design your life style even better.

Style Odyssey said...

i really enjoyed this. in fact, your whole blog is so inspirational, a real pick-me-up!
nice to learn a bit about you. thanks for sharing your lists, and very kind of you to link my blog on this post! :)

Mise said...

Now that you mention her, maybe you and Kate Middleton have something in common - your profile picture has the same happy and casually chic look that she does well...

Pretty Lovely said...

What a wonderful list -- have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Crystal, this was so fun! Felt like we just had a cuppa coffee together :-) I might do this next week. And, btw, sooo jealous of meeting Ethan Hawke, I always thought he was kinda dreamy after that French film (Before Dawn?--forgot the title). I spent a summer in Italy as a kid, and I remember stashing an Italian fashion mag! But, for some reason, I ended up learning French instead! C'est La Vie :-)
have a great weekend!

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Thanks everyone for all these great comments! I hope you'll all do a similar post and let me know so I can learn more about you!

oh and Mise, you totally made my day for the Kate similarity comment ;)


Kalee said...

What a fabulous post! I love your use of images and it was nice to find out a bit more about you! Hope that you have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

Love your 6 things Crystal, and glad this is the day that I found your blog, although wish I'd known about it sooner. Thanks so much for stopping by--made my day! And one day we will have to talk about Italy--it's my favorite place in the world and I can't wait to get back. Have a great weekend!


The Antiques Diva™ said...

I loved your "11" things... it gave a wonderful glimpse into the girl behind the blog!

Ruth said...

What a lovely, funny and intersting post!

Unknown said...

I have loved {loved!} browsing through these fabulous lists of yours. Three years in Italy + countless celebrity encounters - how fabulous you are!

Have a marvelous weekend, lovely!


My Passport to Style said...

Thanks for sharing your loves, Venice is one of mine too!You are invited to My Passport to Style 3rd Birthday bash,great vintage prizes up for grabs! Sharon xx

Abby said...

:) Nothing silly about liking coffee! BTW very cute blog!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post and pics, darling! I love that you lived in Italy for 3 years!


M said...

Your 1-6 are so spot on... we are very much alike! And what with all the European cities on people's blogs this morning!? I'm sitting here sipping coffee, dreaming about Paris and Venice now. :)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

What a great list! I really enjoy learning more about the fabulous ladies whose blogs I read. I have a feeling my list would be very similar, especially the parts about travel and coffee : )

Unknown said...

I'm so happy that you found me on twitter and that you stopped by my blog bc it brought me here! Ilove this place. :) you're going straight to my blog roll!! xx

MS said...

Great photos. I love to travel too. Haven't been to Italy but it's on my list. That Venice photo makes me really want to visit!

kiss my spatula said...

you have SUCH a gorgeous blog - i'm so happy i've found you!!


It's so fun to learn more about you! I'm with you on everything but the running! I HATE it. :)

Paula Grace Designs said...

These are great Crystal. I love coffee too! Every morning or my day would not be the same. Love the Italy story. I traveled at a young age to Chile (my mom is from Chile) but I am not fluent in Spanish (same on me). Great post.

plaisirs simples said...

Crystal- what a clever and neat idea to share these things! I might have to copy you on this idea one of these days! I have to admit and I'm not just saying this....your 6 favorite things are oddly similar to my fave things! I think we have a lot in common! And you blog is beautiful!
xx, Erika

Miy said...

I consider myself tagged by you because I loooove making this kind of list.. ;) Its nice to share happiness this way.

Visit mine at

Love your blog!


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