November 13, 2009

Sneak Peek: Franki of Life in a Venti Cup!

Franki of Life in a Venti Cup is a girl who definitely knows how to live life large! As she puts it so well, "life is too short to think small." So, it's no surprise that she's turned the most unexpected of spaces into a completely glamorous and relaxing oasis! Read on to find out how she did it and enjoy our 5th and final day of blogger home sneak peeks!


It surprises me more than anyone that my favorite room is my daughter's nursery. I've never been a "baby" person. The idea of nurseries and kids was once enough to send me packing, and yet here I am posting photos of a room that has become a luxurious retreat. 

The space itself was once my home office. Despite my best efforts, it never really functioned well as a workspace. Regardless of how often I rearranged, I could never find just the right space for the desk or the right overhead lighting. Yet somehow as a nursery it is absolute perfection. 

How did I achieve nursery Zen? By letting go of preconceived notions of interior design and little ones. Once I freed myself of the idea of "typical nursery decor" (tacky themed rooms in Pepto-Bismol pink) and relied upon my inner sense of glamour, the design began to unfold. I replaced the overhead light with a stunning chandelier. The room also boasts framed watercolor paintings from our trips to Rome, fabulous shoes on display (what can I say, I'm hoping to start her off right!) and just enough stuffed animal action to make it my zen retreat. All of this in yummy blend of soft pinks, ivory and subdued chocolate brown.  

As it happens, the windows face west and the room is bathed in the most fabulous afternoon sunlight. The corner chaise (my guilty pleasure purchase - well worth the expense) is an ideal spot for curling up with a good book (or an adorable little one) for a few hours.

More importantly, aside from the changing table and crib, the room was designed with adult comfort in mind. I suppose the better way to phrase it is this: adult furnishings with textures and a color palette designed for a baby girl. I think that's the secret to design success, since it will be years before she has any concern for interior design. I might as well enjoy the space for myself for a few years! 

For me, Samantha's room is luxurious and relaxing - not words normally associated with nurseries. There is nothing about the space I would change, and iI love how well it integrates with the rest of our home. 

Thank you for touring my favorite space!


Chicago Chic said...

So interesting! I'm loving all of these fantastic posts!

Baci, Love! xx

Mise said...

Hurrah for the little shoes on display. They seem to epitomize childhood.

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

so lovely post! love the colors! hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Summer is a Verb said...

Softness abounds...XXOO

Emily said...

How gorgeous and pink but not too fussy! Love the nursery pics and the baby slippers are to die for!!! Great post;) xxx LZ

Taylor Sterling said...

beautiful sweet images!!

Sarah Klassen said...

This is so sweet!

I enjoy and agree with your decor philosophy. This truly is a beautiful and luxurious baby room :)

Anonymous said...

Love the sweet shots of your daughter's room! I totally agree that a kid's room doesn't have to be cloying or too cutesy... I love that idea and will definitely employ it when I have a kid someday :-)

M said...

How cute! That little pink ballet shoe made me look twice!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

So beautiful and understated!

Unknown said...

I love Franki!!! I agree that nurseries do not have to be cliche...and for girls they can so often go down that somewhat boring and way too pink route! don't get me wrong...I love pink but there is so much more that you can do. especially now. thank you for sharing.

franki durbin said...

You guys are so sweet! Never in a million years did I envision this being my respite from the world. It really proves the power of design to transform a mood!

Thank you SO much for featuring me - I'm so tickled!


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