March 5, 2010

Happy {Oscars} Weekend!

At last, the weekend is upon us! Amidst a flurry of activity, I am looking forward to ending the weekend with a bit of carved out time to enjoy the Oscars, the gorgeous gowns and the sentimental speeches.

Those of you who follow me on twitter, know that I was in the audience for an Oprah taping one week ago today! Best Actor Oscar nominee Colin Firth and Director Tom Ford (yes, that Tom - former Gucci and YSL creative director) where there to talk about their movie, A Single Man. Oh my is it beautiful! Aesthetically and artistically, I'm not sure I've ever seen such a lovely film. It's no surprise that Tom's background in fashion influenced the look of the film! As my friend put it, "The movie was like a beautiful Tom Ford dress."

Have a wonderful weekend, my dears. Welcome to my new readers and thank you to my loyal ones, I love you! xoxo, Crystal

P.S. In case you were wondering, yes, Tom is absolutely gorgeous and impeccable looking in real life and Colin is hunky and delicious...especially with that British accent!! :)

*image via Sunday Suppers


The Zhush said...

Sounds like such a great day! Also sounds like I need to get my hands on this movie.

escapade said...

Oh so lucky! Colin is so charming, and Tom just oozes appeal (unfortuneately, we're not his type...). Sounds like a fun afternoon.

Have a great weekend Crystal!

Simply Colette said...

Sounds fun! have a wonderful weekend.

Miz.November said...

I don't do awards shows. But that table setting is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time.
Happy weekend!

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi said...

Lucky you! I love Tom and Colin. Can't wait to finally see this movie.

Laura Trevey said...

Wow! How fun was that!!!

Have a wonderful Oscars weekend. I can't wait to see Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin... too funny!

xoxo Laura

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

I saw that program and thought ohh my Colin & them both!!! Dying to see the movie!! hope you have a fabulous weekend! thanks for always inspiring!!!


That's so amazing that you got to go to that show! Have a wonderful Oscar weekend. I'll certainly be watching :)

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

I pvr'd the oprah and I've downloaded the movie... just need a quiet evening to give my undivided attention to both! :D (what will I do with my 5 boys?!?)
ps- it's no surprise that you have loyal people checking in... you're clearly a sweetheart! xo

Sarah Klassen said...

Lucky, lucky! Tom? Colin? Both amazing!

I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend, relaxing, working, whatever you choose...and of course, enjoying the Oscars -- I'm so excited!

(beautiful pic!)


Natasha said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, I was wondering...and you confirmed my suspicion! You are a lucky girl ;)!

Northern Light

Francine Gardner said...

I loved A single man, so tastefully done, beautiful acting. How lucky to have part of the audience.

Anonymous said...

lovely image crystal. how cool you got to be at oprah's taping, that is one thing i hope to do before she ends her show. i have yet to see a single man, i have heard nothing but great reviews on it.

i hope you have sparkly weekend. enjoy the oscars ^-^

Apt. #34 said...

omg lucky girl. I die! Tom Ford. Gorgeous. Colin Firth - adorable. What was Oprah like in person?? I'm dying to know!

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