June 23, 2010

A Bad Morning Gets Better

Well friends, my Wednesday is off to a less than stellar start. The first thing I do when I get out of bed is grab a cup of coffee and open all the windows for fresh air. Today, my luck had it that a big, unexpected gust of wind came through and knocked down my favorite lamp and big oversized mirror. Shattered to pieces - ugh.
Well, thank goodness for two things: first the guest post intro Sylvie wrote for my entry on her blog today. Thank you Sylvie - your words made me feel a lot better. If you have the chance, please pop over and check it out!
And secondly: Caitlin for introducing me to this gorgeous portfolio from ara Design Studio, founded by Sarah Davison in Australia. Caitlin's also featuring their work on her blog today.
A little eye candy always helps and ara's clean, sophisticated look has me feeling better already.
Always interesting for me to study is that perfect balance of being streamlined without being bare. Take one thing out and it feels empty, add something in and it's too much. It's such a fine line and ara does it perfectly.
A room that feels light and airy despite all the dark colors and heavy side wall. I love the play between substantial pieces like the leather armchair and wispy things like the wirey side table. Together they are lovely.

I know I'll be adding this portfolio to my favorites! Did you love it too?

Now...off to go source new lamps and mirrors - ugh!


Marija said...

What a find! Absolutely agree with your analysis ... these spaces are clean and modern yet totally comfortable feeling. Bummer about your lamp and mirror but sometimes it's something just like this that causes you to make a little change that down the road makes all the difference! Good luck finding something great!!

Anne @ The City Sage said...

Nooo! Precious accessories! Sorry you lost your lamp and mirror!

This portfolio is DI-VINE. And the thing i love most about it is how recognizably Australian it is. Their style amazes me!

Natasha said...

Oh wow! I will go and check out the rest of the portfolio, this post has made me hungry for more!!

I am so sorry for your broken lamp and mirror, that's a bummer.... But looking on the bright(er) side... Now you can get to pick out a few new items for your house ;)

Northern Light

Anna Liesemeyer said...

I am so sorry about your mirror! I hoe your day gets better!
But thanks for these inspirational images!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Lovely photographs!
So sorry about your lamp... and your mirror! That must have been some wind!!!

Jess LC said...

That is such a bummer, Crystal! I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm glad you had it photographed earlier so you have the memory of the lamp and mirror for years to come. In the meantime, lets go shopping! Homegoods might have a lamp, I always hear how good their selection is...

Karena said...

Crystal I am so sorry, I hope you can replace your mirror easily!

I adore the room you featured, fabulous!

Come visit it will cheer you up!

Art by Karena

Olivia said...

loving the big "E"

D said...

So sorry about your lamp and mirror! I cannot believe there was enough wind to knock those over. I'm from LA. That just doesn't happen here.

Maybe you'll find some amazing new pieces when we go to the Randolph Street Market!

Love these photos. Beautiful!

Miz.November said...

Awww. I'm sorry about your mirror and lamp. I hate losing somthing that I really like. They may just be objects, but we can still get quite attached to them.

mise said...

Oh that's a shame about the lamp and mirror - things lovingly assembled getting smashed are always depressing. I hope you find something even better with which to replace them.

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

So sorry about your lamp and mirror : ( I hate when favorite pieces get broken, but just look at it as a great excuse to buy some brand new amazing things!

Rebecca said...

So sorry your day started off less than stellar! That stinks.

These images are so lovely and I just love the hefty letter 'e' in the last one!

Sarah Klassen said...


I love these images and the abundance of inspiration, especially the large glass bottle with a single leaf. What a chic way to add some life to a room. Sometime this last summer, I was grabbing a snack and passed a thrift store and they had one of these very glass bottles for $5! It was wound in ugly string, but once removed, was perfect! You never can tell where you'll find a great item, right?

On a sad note —Nooooo! Your lamp and mirror!? I have been hearing about the storm! Dear me —stay safe, Crystal :)


Jessica Hills said...

Just found your blog and can't stop scrolling through all your posts! Love it!

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