November 10, 2010

Vicente Wolf's Touch of Gold

I fell in love with his portfolio the moment I discovered it. It's got soul, it permeates with passion, and it has an uncanny way of easing my tension.
Espresso wood floors contrasted with milky white panton chairs and a tulip table. It couldn't be more straightforward yet the depth of interpretation is endless.
Though my heart melts at the warmth of this palette, it's the texture in the space that speaks most to me. I can feel the plushness of the carpet under my feet, the silkiness of the chairs on my fingers, and the slippery glide of the polished wood table just looking at this image.
What I love so much about Vicente's interiors is that an intuitive ability to cut out the noise and listen to his core radiates like gold from every project he touches.

*image via Veranda Nov/Dec issue


Nichole @ Parlour said...

Sounds like someone has a design crush. ( = That's ok...he is magnificent.

Anna Liesemeyer said...

you are so right- no noise - pure bliss!
Happy wednesday:)

Karena said...

The bedroom suite is so luxurious! Vicentes work is fabulous.

Art by Karena

Laura@Developing Designs said...

Vicente's work is amazing, how you describe it in those fabulous words, makes everyone be able to feel, see, touch and be moved.....right to the core. :)

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