June 15, 2011


I'd never wear this, but there's something I love about it. Perhaps it's the way it reminds me of Bailey's bathroom...with all that whimsy and fun!

*fashion: unknown; interiors: Emily Anderson for Rue Magazine


Natasha said...

Check out the black hand soap, shaped like a dog.... Attention to detail at its best!!! :)

Northern Light Blog

Apollina said...

Haha! I'd never wear that either but it's fun for pictures:) I adore that wallpaper though, I'd do it in my kid's bathroom - if I had kids;)

scsd said...

Thumbs up on the dog wallpaper... and the dress has potential with a pair of scissors

blair @ scsd

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

totalllly loven' the powder room would SO do that - and HELLO DIY for the dress!

Kellie Collis said...

The bathroom is too adorable! Lovely wallpaper! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

Splenderosa said...

Back in my 20's I would have worn this dress, I'm tall and could have pulled it off. In fact, I think it's delightful even now. The dog pic...I love it!! xx's Marsha

Carla McCarthy said...

Wow! What a bathroom! It's terrific!

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