August 11, 2011


Since moving to San Francisco six months ago, I've been in total awe of the talent and kindness I've encountered within the creative community. One gal I especially admire is Anh-Minh Le, cofounder of the much loved new glossy Anthology Magazine.
So when I saw her cute abode featured on the digital pages of Refinery 29, I knew it'd be just as adorable as she is!
How gorgeous is that chair? I wouldn't have thought to pair it with so much whimsy, but the sophistication of the silhouette keeps this little reading nook feeling playful not childish. And can we talk about that gnome? Now that could have gone terribly wrong, but somehow Anh-Minh makes it work!

Shoes for days. Are we jealous yet? ;) Her colorful collection makes me want to ditch my black staples and reach for yellows, blues, and purples next time I'm at the store!

There's much more gorgeousness where this came from, so click here to check out the rest of her space!

*images by SFGirlByBay for Refinery 29


Luciane at said...

You know what I like about this space? Uniqueness. It's something we don't see everyday and that inspires me.

Great visual post!


Luciane at

A Refinaria said...

Oh the gnome! what an idea!!! and incredibly it works!

Splendid Sass said...

Will have to check it out!

Jerico Jien said...

Wow! this is so wonderful! such bright colors :)The little guy right there holding a book at the top of his head is very cute :)

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carlos said...

This is so cute! I couldn't more agree with the previous commenter :) Great job on sharing this one.

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Anh-Minh said...

Thanks for the very kind words, Crystal! It's funny - I don't think of my house as being that colorful. But it certainly does come across that way in the photos! (Almost all of our walls are off-white.)

Some people organize their books by color ... I organize my closet by color!

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