August 17, 2011


Let's pause for a moment and feast on the deliciousness of this space. It's all so tasty, my eyes don't know where to start (or stop!), but I'll try.

I think the oversized black drum shade takes the cake. It's a bold move that works brilliantly. And notice the extra little detail they added with the ceiling medallion? The small touch goes a long way in giving it more presence. There's a lot going on in the rest of this space (seating galor, pictures for days, objects everywhere), but it feels far from cluttered and instead, perfectly edited. The trick? Keeping everything in the same color palette (blue, black, and beige) to create visual consistency. Love!


Karena said...

Gorgeous Crystal!! I am loving unique lighting, so much more to choose from lately!!


Art by Karena

Splendid Sass said...

Saved this one! Love it!

victoria | vmac+cheese said...

I opened this post and very literally gasped. BEAUTIFUL space. Pinning right away!

Chrissy Girl Pink said...

YES! I looove the black drum.

& I'm OBSESSED with that back wall. The wall color, the mantle, the frames and that mirror! I'm totally with you.


Rebecca Watson said...

adorable - what a cute pic!

Carl said...

The soft blue of the wall calms down the room and allows for a good balanced space. Great post.

classiq said...

Gorgeous! The colour scheme works beautifully. The striped rug and oversized black drum shade are my favourite elements.

Susan said...

This is the Heidelberg Suites in Germany...we stayed there last year and it is even more amazing in person!

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