January 2, 2012


I'm back! And the little time away was just wonderful. I feel rested, motivated, and excited to tackle a new year with my 2012 goals, mission statement, and future letter to myself all ready to go. Which, by the way, is exactly why I love a new year. It's the gift of new beginnings and fresh starts. And these rooms of clean white capture my mood perfectly:
A marbletop dinning table, fabulous bubble lamp, and envious herringbone wood floors. Yes please.
I love the single edison bulb hanging here. When in doubt, simple is always the best route.

Who doesn't love a four post bed? And even more so when draped with a touch of feminine tulle. Dreamy!

Cheers to a happy new year my loves. May all your 2012 goals, hopes, and dreams come true!



Sarah Morgan said...

I love the fresh start that the New Year brings. Those white apartments are just lovely. So fresh & inviting!

Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

Jess LC said...

So excited for what this new year will bring you! I hope all your future letter intentions come true!

Call me sometime when you have a chance to catch up!

Cara {An Urban Cottage} said...

Head over heels for the first room. The marble, the fixture and the floors. I want it all!

Here's to starting fresh in the new year!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Gorgeous! I love everything here, and I too am ready for the new year.

seventeendoors said...

Yes, I think everyone is in love with this home, it is just perfect!
Happy New 2012!

Lianna said...

Love the gorgeous white interiors!

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