December 4, 2008

Big Floral Cocktail Rings

I couldn't help but notice that big floral cocktail rings are everywhere this winter! It's a trend I normally wouldn't consider since things on my hands tend to bother me. But with big names like Dior, Chanel, and Cartier pushing the trend, how can you resist?

(Above) From Dior's Milly Carnivora fine jewelry collection. 18k white gold, diamonds, and laquer.

Kelly Carlson in a Chanel ring.
     Chanel's Camélia ring.       

Cartier's Caresse D'Orchidees ring.

Even Britney was sporting the trend in her 
documentary that premiered last Sunday.
For a more affordable take on the cocktail ring, click here, here, and here


SarahCowart said...

So do you have one yet? :)

Plush Palate said...

No, I still can't decide if the trend is "me," even though I totally like them on other people. Do you? :)

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