December 3, 2008

Clotheshorse Anonymous in Dallas

I was just in Dallas for the Thanksgiving holiday and found a gem of a shop I'd like to share with you in case you ever find yourself in the area. It's called Clotheshorse Anonymous and is a resale shop of fine clothes to the "rich and famous" of Dallas society. This store is packed with gently used women's designer ware (I picked up a pair of Jimmy Choos). If you ever find yourself in Dallas, this is a must see if shopping is on your list!


SarahCowart said...

Yay; a new post! So did you get cute clothes at this new Dallas fashion hot spot? Tell me about them!

Lizardo Art said...

Thanks for the reminder! I haven't been here since I was a teen but I do remember there were some really great deals then. I'll definitely have to revisit!

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