April 20, 2009

Sweet Dreams

My new apartment is slowing coming together. The living room is in pretty good shape. I just need to find that perfect console table, figure out how to hang pictures on concrete walls and save up for a new coffee table. But besides that, I'm ready to move on. I'd really like to focus on my bedroom next. As is, it's pretty uninspiring and cold figuratively and literally (they've turned off the heat and forgot that in Chicago it can still get in the 30's in late April). 

I'd actually like to take the room in a direction I haven't experimented with yet - old linen fabrics, antique bed, warm colors, British patterns, and sparse accessories

Here are the images that are serving as my Inspiration Board for the new project!


Industrialsparkle said...

I love all the textures in these photo's. It's simple and cozy.

SarahCowart said...

Your style is so much different than what I would've guessed for you! It's super cute, love it!

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