May 26, 2009

A Peek Inside Celebrity Interiors

I love catching a glimpse inside celebrity homes. The home is such a personal place that when we get a peek inside, it's always such a pleasant surprise. I often day dream about the different ideas I would set into place if I had an unlimited budget. These stars are lucky enough to have that luxury and the best designers at their finger tips.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Manhattan Home. I absolutely love the varying heights and styles of the chairs

Nicky Hilton's LA Abode. Very Hollywood glamour and hotel inspired.

Molly Sim's Manhattan Pad. This southern beauty chose girly and shabby chic. 

Jennifer Lopez's Long Island Mansion. I love the calming, natural elements mixed with a little bling and glamour.

Nate Berkus's Chicago Pad. The green cabinetry and kitchen table are perfect!

Gwenyth Paltrow's Hampton Home. Classy, elegant, feminine, modern, just like the star herself.

Claire Danes's Living Area. I love the wide open space and minimalist approach, which still manages to make the area look filled.


alotstuff said...

nice blog i like this blog

Same New Story said...

ooh how fun! i always love seeing inside celebrities homes!

Marisa and PC said...

Molly Sims for sure has the best space! I adore a shabby chic and girly atmosphere. It could be my fixation for beautiful chandeliers...I don't know what it is, but I am obsessed with finding the most unique ones! Fits perfectly with the shabby chic theme :) Love the blog!

House of Slappy said...

How know the saying, "pets reflect the personality of their owners"? These spaces totally reflect the style of the celebrity. They are all great!

kharlan said...

I love all of them for different reasons. I kept scrolling and thinking, no, this is my favorite, not now this one... but, really, Claire Dane's is my favorite!

Lisa - Fine Sweet Life said...

Gwyneth doesn't look like she has kids and a rocker hubby with a place like that. It looks like it is all her. I love it though!

CECELIA said...

sjp's collection of matte black dining chairs = SO hot and i love every little aspect of gwenyth paltrow's home [le sigh]

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