May 27, 2009

Style 360º: Pretty in Pink

It takes a lot of confidence to use the color pink. It says to the world, "I am strong and feminine all at once." And we all know there's nothing more dangerous than a women who embraces her womanhood to channel her confidence! 

{Room via Elle Decor, Fashion via}

The room is Sex and the City writer, Candice Bushell's NYC home. The different hues of pink create a soothing but energetic space. It's a confident, attention grabbing room, but elegant and traditional in it's furnishings. The fashion is part of Lanvin's Fall 2009 collection. These women look like they could take on the world and look darn sexy and sweet while doing so!


Lily G. said...

I just love pink! great images.

Courtney said...

Perfect examples of pink done right!

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