July 8, 2009

The Bertoia Chair

Yesterday Alek over at From the Right Bank to the Left Coast posted this gorgeous space for her "What's your style in one picture?" series. I think her picture is pretty darn close to what I would have chosen! But most of all, it got me reconnected with my love for the bertoia chair!

I adore the thin, airy lines, and modern shape. But, I like them best when paired with something rustic, like a primitive dining table. Mixing styles is so what I'm all about!

Since I'm not in the market for new chairs myself, these lovely cards by some very talented Etsy artists will have to do for now :)

You can shop the cards, here, here, here, here, and here!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! I love the chandelier!

Plush Palate said...

Me too! They're like little rain drops falling from the sky!

Molly Jean said...

saw these chairs in black once paired with a super rustic long dining table...so incredibly chic, those chairs!


Thanks for the link love! I hope you're going to participate in the challenge even if I beat you to this pic. :) I ADORE Bertoias and am trying to figure out how I can fit one more chair into my house. (I have a chair problem.) What kills me too is that I've been seeing so many bloggers find used Bertoias for like nothing and then they spiff them all up. I'm so not handy and wish I could do that! Sigh.

Plush Palate said...

@Molly Jean: that sounds incredible! Totally how I would do it!

@Right Bank: Yes, I will participate! Still on the hunt for the perfect picture though. Oh and I totally have a chair problem too...they're probably my most favorite furniture!

Kate@ChocolateCreative said...

I have always loved the bertoia chair, I once had the chance to get one for free and left it behind for space issues, i will regret that for ever!!

i am loving your blog, I am seating by my big window with my coffee, my laptop and your blog, I like the way u mix fashion with interiors.
Regards from London

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