August 12, 2009

Fall: Get Ready / Get the Look, Installment #2

Last Wednesday we enjoyed the 1st Installment of, Fall: Get Ready / Get the Look, from lovely guest blogger, Sarah of Haute Design. Her updates and tips for transitioning rooms from summer to fall were a huge hit! So, be sure to check it out right here if you missed it!
The guest blogger I had scheduled for today had something come up last minute, so I'll be filling in with my own fall fashion tips today! 

Stride into the months of autumn, with warm colors (browns, taupes, deep greens, etc.), but keep it alive and interesting with bright pops of color (yellows, pinks, limes, etc.). One colorful piece or accessory will do the trick!
There's no need to shy away from "summery" colors like pink just because it's fall. As long as the fabric, texture, and cut are cold weather appropriate, you can get away with any color. Yes, even white!
When the days start to get shorter and colder, you don't have to trade in your skirts and dresses for pants. Just slip on a pair of tights (try a colored pair if you really want to make a statement), and you're ready to go. Feminite, flirty...and warm!

And of course, when in doubt, you can never go wrong, with black :)

*images via W Magazine


Vitania said...

Mmmm - very inspiring - I am loving gray or taupe with pops of orange tihs year ! But then that awesome cobalt is another colour that's got my eye!


mise @ pretty far west said...

I'm not sure I can bear much more of the eighties revival, but yes, I can do gray with colour if a knitted dress with flower is acceptable. Thanks for the tips!

Sarah Klassen said...

Beautiful fashion! My eye was instantly drawn to image 02, with the warm choral + gray combination. The purples, yellows and blue is also divine.

I'm so excited about the ruffles that I'm seeing and the femininity :) You've given me some great ideas for some of the pieces that I already have and a few that are must-haves. Also, I'm thrilled about the lovely tights - their comfort is a blessing!

Jacquelyn said...

I absolutely love image's so feminine and beautiful...wonderful post! (and on a tight time-line...)

Paula Grace Designs said...

I am not sure I could pull off any of these outfits but they are something to look at. Love the colors though :)
Paula Grace ~

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