August 5, 2009

Fall: Get Ready / Get the Look, Installment #1

In the world of fashion and interiors, stylists are always thinking ahead. Though we're still enjoying the sunny month of August, I thought we could get ahead with some ideas for transitioning into fall with style! I asked four of my favorite, A-list bloggers (stay toned each Wednesday of this month to find out who!), to help us update our homes and wardrobes with tips and tricks for fall.

Today our lovely guest, Sarah from Haute Design, shows us how to take two interiors into fall by sprucing it up with warm accessories and textures. If you're not already familiar with Sarah's gorgeous blog, be sure to check it out and be prepared to fall in love! Not only do I look forward to her inspiring posts daily, but I've completely fallen for the warmth and eloquence with which she writes. Without further's Sarah!
Transitioning Your Space from Summer to Fall

Summer is all about easy and breezy looks, de-cluttering and simplifying. Fall is all about small comforts, and creating a cozy and warm environment. Below are two completely different rooms, with different looks and needs. I have taken them as-is and demonstrated a few of the many possibilities for making them more fall-ready. Whether you would like to spend $0 or &1,000 in creating a warmer look, I hope these ideas inspire you and help you in transforming your own space.

Room 01 / "Ornate and Colorful"

I love this room! It's bright and open, with soaring ceilings and lovely windows. There are certainly some perfect elements already in place, such as the stunning and eye-catching mirror, and the luxurious, velvet ottoman (a great starting point for colors). However, as fall is just around the corner, this room noticeably lacks one of the main elements that make a room fall-ready: coziness. To take this room from being breezy and light, to warm and comforting, I would:

*Bring the couch and chair in more, to create a more intimate seating arrangement. A statement chair or two wouldn't hurt either.

*Cozy up the tile floor with a super-soft area rug.

*Exchange the summery pillows and blanket for a soft, creamy, cashmere throw and luscious, layered pillows (velvet, linen, silks, silk taffetas, etc.).

*Add more lighting, particularly as our days become shorter and darker. A large chandelier, as well as a few smaller lamps would do the trick. It is important to consider both ambient and task lighting during fall months.

*Enhance and finish the windows by adding dome beautiful curtains.
*Utilize those built-in shelves on either side of the fireplace to their full potential with books, magazines, candles, and other accessories. Adding books and such will add interest and create a more library-like feel.

*Paint the fireplace a warm, rich color (such as the gray shown on the color swatches). It holds the mirror, the focal point of the room, and needs to look grounded in such a large room.

*Free up the ottoman and make the look more tailored by placing a bold tray with warm drinks and treats on top.

*Move the flower arrangement (from inside the fireplace) to somewhere else in the room and light a real fire. If the fireplace is not operating, some gorgeous candle, layered at different heights inside will create a warm ambiance and glow. Alternatively, stack logs.

*Consider adding a screen to make the room more intimate. I love screens. They're easy to put up, easy to take down in summer, and can be subtle or a statement in your room.
Room: Homes & Gardens, "Decorating" by Giles Kime (book)
/01 Floral Rug: Designer's Guild/ 02 Throw: Designer's Guild/ 03 Curtain: Anthropologie/ 04 Striped Pillow: Designer's Guild/ 05 Gray Pillow: Habitat/ 06 Felt Flower Pillow: Habitat/ 07 Chair Anthropologie/ 08 Capiz Chandelier: Chuntz & Co./ 09 Lamp: Liberty Living/

Room 02 / "Neutral and Earthy"

This room is stunning. It has a warm ambiance already in place, nice lighting, a great rug, and plush furniture. Though I love a neutral look, for fall month, I would add a splash of color. Pumpkins, leaves, stick, gourds, etc., all communicate fall, but in a natural way. Even by adding bits of nature to your space, not only is it cost-effective, but it will add organic texture and look chic. Visit your local farmer's market or even your backyard. By adding texture, you add warmth and enhance the look and feel of your room. To make this room more rich for fall, I would:

*Cozy up that dark wood chair to the left of the fireplace by adding a soft blanket and/or pillow.

*Exchange the two simple pillows on the double chairs for more statement ones, in rich, colorful tones. Alternatively, add pillows with a solid, striking color such as orange velvet.

*Hang a natural wreath around the corner from the fireplace (above dark chair) to add interest and an element of surprise to an otherwise blank area.

*Enhance the simple curtains with details in rich, dark cocoa or black. A removable skirt of velvet or silk taffeta would be ideal.
*De-clutter (stack books on one of the two tables near the wood chair) and create a bold look on the coffee table by gathering sticks and placing them in a large bowl, trailing out and off to one side. Sprinkle acorns around the bowl in a carefree way.

*Add some pretty candles for ambiance and scent.

*Add a few cozy-looking vases and a warm toned, orange flower on the other side table near the wood chair.
Room: Kelly Hoppen, "Home"by Kelly Hoppen (book)
/01 Blanket: Kelly Hoppen Store/ 02 Pillow: Anna Dove/ 03 Wreath: 18 Karat/ 04 Candle: Linnea's Lights/ 05 Bowl: 18 Karat/ 06 Vases: AlyssaEttinger Design/
Thank you Sarah for your great ideas for fall! There's so much inspiration here I can't wait to get started on my own home. I'm already daydreaming about using nature as decor and cozying up with a warm silk blanket next to the fireplace!


Creategirl said...

Though I am not ready to think of cold weather just yet I love this post! The curtains from Anthropologie are divine!

TheBeautyFile said...

I love the layered feels so lived in and with the right pieces, SO CHIC!


There are so many great ideas here! I'm with you that it's all about layering and textures in the cold months. After the heat wave we've just had, fall can't come fast enough for me.

Rebecca said...

I love, love, love the last set of orange accessories! I have been so obsessed with orange lately. However, i have to agree with Creategirl, after waiting for what seems like forever for summer to get to me, i'm not quite ready to give it up.....just yet! =)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!!!!!!

Mise said...

I like this seasonal approach to décor. Maybe I need to start stashing away colourful winter warmth in a finishing touches box.

Maureen Stevens said...

wonderful, wonderful post & so many great ideas! thanks for asking Sarh to guest blog. And I'll definitely check out the succeeding installments to this post!

daisy loves said...

So glad I have found your blog - it is so full of inspiring ideas and beautiful interiors x

Jo said...

nice blog 174 followers wow

Ms. Jenn said...

Very nice!

Make, Do & Send said...

This is such a great post with so many fab yet practical ideas! Thanks Sarah and Crystal :)

Lisa said...

I ADORE room 1!! That mirror is absolutely perfect.

Anonymous said...

Everything is wonderful! I especially love that mirror and floral chair! =)

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Isn't Sarah great? She's got the best eye! And I'm seriously in love with those curtains from anthro! LOVE!

CoffeewithZooly said...

Oh Wow ! I love that felt poppy cushion & the curtains.

Its a shame we're going into Spring (well straight into Summer by the feel of the last few days). I'll have to hold out until next year.

Paula Grace Designs said...

Wonderful advice. What a great post.

Cara said...

this is all *such* gorgeousness. fabulous post!

Daniella said...

Love this post! SO many great ideas...

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