May 6, 2010

Guest Post: Jane of Ill Seen, Ill Said

In today's guest post, it's almost as if Jane from Ill Seen, Ill Said read my mind and wrote my very own travel dreams. I'm still on one vacation and already she's got me dreaming of the next!
Hi everyone! Jane here from Ill Seen, Ill Said. Unlike Crystal, I don't get to travel a lot these days. But I have done a fair bit in my time. And the more I think about the places that I've traveled to and lived in, as well as the places I still want to go, the more I can see certain trends emerging; some country-specific and others more thematic.

1. Ireland
I have to start with my homeland. I don't live in Ireland any more, so it's officially my favourite place to travel to. And, having lived there for 20-something years, who can doubt the permanent affect it had on my design sensibility. There's a rugged charm to everything from home. And just as the country is richly layered with history and patina, so the homes are too.

2. Sweden
In stark contrast, my minimal side finds Swedish homes very appealing. The clean slate gives leaves space to breathe, as well as inherent charm and cheerfulness, which is exactly what I'm looking for from a vacation destination as well as an abode. I haven't been to Sweden, but I'm hoping to go some day. In the meantime, this is a country that's very much influencing my design sensibility from afar.

3. History
I like stories. And I like antiques and eclectic, highly personal collections too. So, a sense of history is important to me both in travel and decor. The idea of going to a newly-built luxury resort does not appeal. Give me an old hotel with creaky floors and oil paintings, a town with old museums and churches with crypts and windy streets instead! In decor, I like to tell stories too. Perhaps with a little more restraint, but there's always a mix of new and old and prominent, personal collections and objects.

4. The Sea
Because I grew up on an island, the sea plays a leading role in my holiday fantasies. I love homes that conjure that beach-like feeling. The thought of throwing open a door or window and hearing or smelling the ocean is the very epitome of relaxation for me. Even though I'm a neutral kind of girl, greens and blues seem to sneak into my decor schemes. And I didn't realize until a friend pointed out that I've managed to scatter shells around my apartment too. Even when I'm not aware of it, I'm secretly yearning to be by the sea.
And there you have it! My ideal vacation and my dream home in one package. I'm not sure how it all goes together, but that's the fun of a decorating challenge! Thanks for coming on this little tour with me. And a huge thanks to Crystal for inviting me to take this virtual holiday on Plush Palate!


Image credits: Ireland: 1. From my Flickr 2. From Rathmullan Cottages, via my blog 3. From World of Interiors, via my blog 4. From my Flickr Sweden: 1. From Chelsea's Flickr 2. From The Crown, via Decorology 3. From KML Design, via Stuart McIntyre, via Hugh Stewart, via Hugh Stewart, via Katy Elliott's Flickr 4. From Pony Tail's Flickr The Sea: 1. From Skona Hem 3. From Domino via Automatism 4. From Eros Turannos' Flickr


Tiina said...

ever been to Sweden? Now it's the time again since it's so beautiful weather and everything is turning green. I very much enjoy the countryside too!


Jane Flanagan said...
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Jane Flanagan said...

Hi everyone... Some of the image credits are missing, so here they are again:

Image credits:
1. From (my Flickr)
2. From (Rathmullan Cottages), via (my blog)
3. From (World of Interiors), via " (my blog)
4. From (my Flickr)

1. From (Chelsea's Flickr)
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4. From (Stuart McIntyre), via (My Scandinavian Retreat)

1. From (Hugh Stewart), via (Head Over Heels)
2. From (Hugh Stewart), via (Head Over Heels)
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The Sea:
1. From (Unique Home Stays)
2. From (Skona Hem)
3. From Domino via (Automatism)
4. From (Eros Turannos' Flickr)

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

Ooo I love this list. I've never been to Ireland but studied in London for half a year and absolutely love the UK. I cannot wait to visit again.

And couldn't agree more about history being an important part of traveling.


Jane Flanagan said...

Hi Alaina

Thanks! Though Ireland is not actually part of the UK :)

Jami said...

I'm loving these beautiful posts this week! They are full of eye candy and are inspiring me to travel! Thanks ladies! -jami

chelsea said...

lovely post! thanks for the link.

Unknown said...

really pretty post — great pictures!

Elizabeth said...

This was so cool - I think everyone's design aesthetic is influenced by where they grew up and what makes them feel comfy - I grew up around early American antiques in Mississippi, then lived in Mexico, Thailand and New York City, and now live in New Orleans surrounded by a French influence! It's all in my work! Great post!

Jo said...

This is just the coolest post. I love Swedish design. And I think that many of us secretly yearn for the ocean.
My hubby and I have decided that if we ever get to take a trip out of country that we want to go to Ireland. He stopped over there on his way to Iraq when he was deployed. I have always wanted to go. Have any advice?

Jane Flanagan said...

Hi Miz.November! I definitely recommend a trip to Ireland. You can read all my Ireland posts on my blog:

I've had a couple of requests for a traveling to Ireland post, so will try to work on it in upcoming weeks.


katy elliott said...

Love this post Jane. I was like I know that window box wow someone else lives in my town that blogs. Oh it's just me. Thanks for all the great inspiration.

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