June 14, 2010

Happy Nate Berkus Day!

Are you guys on Twitter? If not, some pretty fun things happen over there! It all started when the Moggit Girls tweeted the idea of Nate Berkus having an all design blogger audience for this new TV show premiering September 13th. Well, the retweets spread like wildfire and before we knew it, the show's producers were arranging for it to happen!

Piggybacking off that wild and crazy day, the Moggit Girls have rounded up the troops and proclaimed today 'Nate Berkus Day'. They've asked everyone to post their favorite room designed by the adorable and talented decorator. My pick is this small NYC space he did for his sister using furniture and decor from his own HSN line. It has long been one of my go-to spaces for inspiration on how to make a small place work. It feels perfectly polished and finished without being cluttered or crowded. Nate always delivers!

What's your favorite Nate Berkus room?

P.S. Check out his NYC pad for more small space deliciousness.


Creategirl said...

Love this room, so super cozy! Thanks for participating in our #NateDay, its been an amazing turnout of bloggers and we are super happy!

this free bird said...

wait a minute. that whitish chaise lounge might be on hsn? (she heads for the wallet in a flurry of activity)

i hope hope hope you get to be in that audience!! what a treat that'll be.

Diana Strinati Baur said...

It's a great room, it's true. I love making small spaces work well. It's a challenge and when it succeeds, it's better, IMO, than a large room!

Marcia Zia-Priven said...

Fantastic room, lust love the chaise and selection of pillows. Nice find! Just love being a part of #nateday, so much fun!

Caitlin said...

Love Nate's sisters apartment - it's small but incredible. Love the way Nate used his HSN products throughout the entire apartment. Thanks for a wonderful post!! Happy Monday :)

ashlina {the decorista} said...

ooooh. i must say i love this room you chose. xo

Vanessa Stern said...

Love the room you chose, it's one of my favorites too!


Annette Piper said...

Just goes to show the power of social media! Lovely room :)

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