July 14, 2010

Captured By: Jason Nocito

I don't know much about photographer Jason Nocito. His site doesn't have an "about" section. Still, I feel like I know him. A look into the world as captured by him is a beautiful, revealing thing. After all, there are always two people in every pictures: the photographer and the viewer. So...perhaps I know more than I think.

There is a rawness about his photos. They capture an embarrassing moment, they expose a dirty little secret, and they're not afraid to put a beer belly on display. But always, they reach beyond that important layer of truth to another: there's beauty in flaw and allure in complexity.
A photograph is usually looked at, seldom looked into. I am guilty of this, possibly even presumptuously so. You see, I quite trust my eye for style and knack for knowing what looks good. That's why I'm embarrassed to admit that in my hurry, I hardly noticed the honesty of the transposed face on this beachy seascape. Humbly, Jason's photography reminds that there's always more to see.
I'm rather enchanted by photography in general these days. It's as if I've discovered a whole new world out there. Much like with interiors, I'm utterly spellbound by creating that perfect moment. Sure, I've always loved photography and played around with it for fun, but with all the Rue shoots this summer, never have I been so intimately close to it.
This has afforded me good fortune of working with, learning from, and observing so many talented eyes. Watching the different creative processes for each of them has been one of the most fascinating parts.
Now, do you think we could get Jason to capture a home for Rue? :)


syl said...

jason nocito is stellar. his photos, to me, evoke a downtown dreamy vibe that i can't get enough of!

i am beyond excited for rue! looking forward to more updates, miss crystal.

sylvie of silver lining

Audrey Marie said...

love his work - thanks for sharing!

La Boheme said...

You could definitely get Jason capture a home for Rue! I'm thinking downtown chic loft? xoxo

fashion junkie said...

these images are amazing! :)




His work is spectacular! You're right there is most definitely a rawness to it. I love it.

Hope you're doing well, Crystal :)

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

his portfolio is seriously amazing. i love the picture of the girl blowing sand! thanks for sharing his work and your perspective with all of us :)

Sarah Klassen said...

That would be wonderful if he would! I really enjoy his "raw" style as you so perfectly put it. He captures it so well, making it look like a beautiful reality. I'm so glad you shared this, Crystal! I will have to look through his site...

As for Rue, each time you mention the magazine, my heart beats a little faster -- I am so excited and can only imagine all of the work and fun that has been had in creating the magazine. I can't wait!

Thinking of you :)


The Iconic Blog.com said...

Great shots!xx

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That would be an awesome opportunity. Sure hope it works out...I absolutely love the casual intimacy of his photographs...really gorgeous work.


La Feem said...

Love these photos, he's incredibly talented.

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