December 22, 2010


While in Venice earlier this month, I was on a mad hunt for the perfect pair of new glasses.
I must have popped into about ten eyewear stores, and with each one I visited, Jil Sander frames kept calling my name. I'm loving the fantastic line of new colors (believe it or not, 'honey' was my pick!) and flattering, big frames.

On a side note - those Stylish Italians always seem to be about one year ahead of us when it comes to trends. If only I could do all my shopping in Italy!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

My eyes are getting irritated from wearing contacts, I think I need to start looking for my perfect pair of glasses too. I'll definitely have to look into Jil Sander's eye wear collection. =)

Splendid Sass said...

Love, love these! My daughter and I both are due a new pair. Who knows?

mydesignchic said...

You would look stunning in these glasses...the perfect pair!!

liz said...

Do you know which style number those frames are? They are GORGEOUS!

2u3£n said...


quintessence said...

Love these big menswear style glasses. Ran into a friend yesterday who had a gorgeous similar pair (honey colored as well) - they were Oliver Peoples from Bergdorfs!

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