December 23, 2010


I'm usually a pattern phobe, finding it hard to commit to anything other than my beloved streamlined and uncomplicated spaces. But I need a little design spice in my life and after seeing these two dining rooms, I think I'm ready to take the plunge into pattern.
In small, contained doses of course: pattern on some lamps, in a painting, or even with a sheet of wallpaper. I think I can handle that.
As a space that doesn't get used on a daily basis, a formal dining room is the perfect place to experiment with too. Are you listening, future San Francisco home?

*images via House Beautiful and Domino


Ashley said...

Love these - very subtle but add a ton of characer to the room!

Splendid Sass said...

Oh so pretty! The first room is breathtaking with a peek of the magnolia leaves. beautiful.

Karena said...

Really beautiful I love the first image!

Joyeaux Noel!

Art by Karena

Design Girl {Pretty Haute Mess} said...

I love that dining room wallcovering...If you haven't seen the movie Monster-in-Law (Jennifer Lopez) check it out (or visit my blog for the post)...In the movie she painted flowers on the wall and it looked amazing! Might be a fun project for your new home...that way you can control colors, repeat, scale, etc.

nadia said...

Really beautiful, so full of charm and character :)

xo Nadia

Anonymous said...

just divine! i hope my future sf home will have some gorgeous pattern as well :)


Eyeliner & Wallpaper said...

Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. It really made my day! :) Oooh, Iove the mix of pattern and textures in the two rooms. That art piece is amazing!


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