July 21, 2011


Do you know who's blowing it out of the park with their furniture campaigns?

Dedon! I'd love to know who the creative director behind these shoots is. Better yet, I'd love to switch jobs for a day. If only for an excuse to travel to Southeast Asia!

P.S. For the first time ever, we're asking Rue readers to help us pick the cover for our upcoming issue, out on Monday! If you'd like to weigh in, we'd love to hear from you!


Julia Walsh said...

These are really fun and beautiful. I love the one with the yellow VW!

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Anonymous said...

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My Passport to Style said...

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Ron said...

I have always thought, luxury items set in a 'poorer' enviremont for an ad is just not very tasteful or ethical.
I create an 'exclusively priced' product....I would never consider to photographe them in a disadvantadged area. It just is not right to show this in surroundings where the locals could NEVER EVER afford anything like this. Again it is just very distasteful. Besides this, it has been done before by other products. And back then it was also not well received by the general and 'well to do' public. I liked Dedon, now not soo much anymore.
Ron Empel.
Empel collections

Elizabeth Corkery said...

I know the photographer was Rainer Hosch, however I'm not sure who the ad agency was behind the creative for the shoot.


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