August 9, 2011


With Rue's 1st birthday just around the corner (September is the big month!), we decided to give her a little facelift! The look is a bit more grown up and's amazing what a bit of black can do! Just a glimpse of more changes to come, we hope you like the new look!


Alex said...

I like the new layout but I think the black is a bit harsh with those current colors! can't believe Rue almost one year old!!

andrea despot said...

in my honest opinion, i don't really care for the black. the white was much nicer! wow, a year already?! you guys must be so proud :)

ana said...

Congrats on the upcoming anniversary! Rue (and of course plush palate) is one of my favorites and it's always great to see SF bloggers doing amazing things (we really do have the greatest city). Ya'll are a huge inspiration to me in starting my own blog just this morning! YAY! So thanks and keep up the great work !

ana luckyinlovesf

Karena said...

A year!! Crystal I cannot believe it!! I do prefer a light background, and I feel the same way about blog sites!

You, are always a winner!


Art by Karena

Donald's Garden said...

I like it! Keeps gettin' better and better.

Luciane at said...

Hi Crystal,

I want to thank you for stopping by the other day. It was really nice to read your comment!

I saw it the 1st day you changed it. I think it looks really fresh, clean and modern. Also, easy to navigate, which is a must.

By the way, that cover is simply amazing. It's classy, sensuous and elegant.


Luciane at

Jessica said...

Wow, one year already?! Congrats! The site looks awesome!

Rohan Beata said...

Yeah. Black is quite nice, and it looks good on the website. It's quite fitting for a facelift - a grown-up feel for a website that has grown after a year of hard work.

Congrats to ya!

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