June 1, 2009

Chairs Chairs Chairs

I've been looking for a chair to purchase for the entryway of my apartment for about a month now. I desperately need a place to set my purse down when I come throw the front door or to sit while I put on or take off my shoes. This weekend I think I finally found "the one" over at Wisteria.

The Weathered X-Oak Back Chair is just what I was looking for! I love the natural wood, the bold x back that adds something geometric to the mix, the curve of the legs, and how it looks like it can handle a lot of ware and tare! I think I know what I'll be doing with my next pay check :) Here's a look at some other contenders from Wisteria.

{Images via Wisteria}


BethanyEyre said...

These are lovely! I really do like the one you chose and also the gray and white one (fourth down). I hope you post pics once you've decided and put it together!

Lily G. said...

Love these chairs. So vintage-y and unique!


Alicia said...

Just one??? This is why we all need storage spaces or basements the size of Montana.
I love the cane on your choice but they all speak to me. Good thing my credit cards are deaf right now.

Molly Jean said...

you made the right choice. loving that first chair! oh & what a great idea to use a chair in an entrance as a catch-all instead of the more obvious table. great idea!

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