January 5, 2012


Have you experienced High Point Market yet, affectionately referred to as "Market" by those in the know? If not, you haven't fully experienced the wonderful world of interior design until you do!
It's the biggest designer trade show in the country and happens twice a year (once in October and the other in April) with thousands and thousands of designers, buyers, manufacturers, magazine editors and more in attendance. It's a heck of a good time so as you all run to register for spring Market (April 21-26) with me, I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into some of the fun of last fall!
Meet my "Market" partners in crime: The hilarious Christian of Maison 21 and the glamorous Ashlina of The Decorista. Seriously, it should be a crime to have as much fun as we did while "working," which reminds me of insider tip #1: find a friend to walk the floors with! It's always fun to discuss different trends, products, and showrooms with another person.
One of our first stops was checking out the 220 Elm building. A lot of people overlook this place because they spend most of their time in the main IHFC building, but what a gem this was. For the modern furniture lover, you'll adore 220 Elm!
Ash and me walking the floors of 220 Elm.

One of the best parts of 220 Elm is Heinz, the dapper gentleman in the center and our lovely tour guide, which reminds me of inside tip #2: make appointments with the showrooms you want to see in advance so you're sure to get dedicated attention from a showroom manager (or similar) when you go.
One showroom in the 220 Elm building we had a particularly good time in was Palliser, which spraws across the entire 4th floor and is Canada's largest furniture manufacture.
Coincidentally enough, we hit up Palliser right after a delicious (and big!) lunch with Heinz and so the big comfy recliners were just perfect for our post-lunch food coma.
As hard as we tried, Christian and I could not get Ashlina out of this recliner for the life of us. We had to actually leave her there. No joke. :)
Who loves an ejector recliner? Christian does!
We ended the tour of Palliser with a little pick-me-up at their cute little bar, which reminds me of insider tip #3: Market takes a lot out of you so rest up, eat right, and warm comfy shoes (says the girls who's never caught seen without 4 inch heels...).
Another memorable visit was to the beautiful and colorful Duralee showroom, one of my all time favorite fabric sources!
And the cherry on the top? We got to chat and hang out with the fabulous Eileen Kathryn Boyd who recently created a collection for Duralee. (Check out the cute video interview Ash did with Eileen here).
I loved the Hermes orange piping on this chair!
Ooing and aahing over all the gorgeous fabrics.

And now, some snapshots of a few fun memories:
Goofing off in 220 Elm.
A moment of rest in the press room with Julieann, Katie, and Ashlina.
All smiles after another successful day of showroom tours and lots of laughs!
Walk by day, party by night. With friends at the Halo party.
More fun at Halo.

And last but not least, a perfect end of Market dinner with our High Point friends. Good food, good wine, and good company, what more could a girl ask for?

Hope to see you all there in April!!!


Anonymous said...

Ia m sure excited as I am going this year for the first time! Maybe our paths will cross if I am lucky!!!

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

That's fantastic news! You'll just LOVE it! Let's try and meet up :)

Francine Gardner said...

would love to see you in April!

Amanda Hill said...

Thanks for all the info I am for sure going to be making soon!

Jessica Smithson said...

I had a blast taking you around our showroom! (Palliser) Our comfy furniture and energy-boosting javas will be waiting for you next time!

Maggie Rose said...

I've been trying to figure out if I can swing it this year - really want to go... might end up at Fall Market though, rather than Spring. If I do go I'll let you know so we can finally meet!

maison21 said...

such a marvelous experience- one of the highlights of my 2012!

love you!


How fun! I have never gone, and might go in April, So Excited! :) I just love the Ejector Chair it cracked me up!! haha

Have a great rest of the week!

Tori said...

What fun!!


Arteriors Home said...

High Point really is something else! You just don't know what you're missing until you've experienced it. Great tips and fun photos... thanks for sharing and see you in the Spring!!

Kristy @ I Design Love said...

Looks like you had so much fun! I wanted to go this past fall, but I had other engagements. I really want to check out this years show. It looks like a blast.


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